Client Testimonials

Everyone has an idea of what they are expecting to find in a property. We did-until we came to view Nant Yr Ynys.

The layout of the house amazed us. Not only were the plots unusually large for new properties, but also the beauty of the stream at the boundary of some of the homes is exceptional.

We moved into our new Haywood Home in Feburary 2008 and we are convinced we have made the right choice. The house is finished to a high standard and contains a wealth of fittings. The three important requirements....location, location, location have all been met convincingly!

H & F Jones, Nant-yr-Ynys

I must say how pleasant the estate is. The general appearance is open and spacious, unlike most modern housing estates, and blends well into the established area. The location is within east access of the shops, bank and other facilitites of Whitland. Even though building work is continuing around us this is neither disruptive nor inconvenient.

Indeed everyone working on the site is pleasant, friendly and helpful.

I have also been impressed by the standard of workmanship, which is very high, never before have I papered a room where all four corners are square and the walls vertical! The level of energy efficency, insulation and double glazing are also worthy of comment and as a result our first six months utility bills have been lower than expected.

David and Carol New, Abbey Fields

We are very pleased with the house, especially the layout.

One of the main criteria for us when looking for a property was the kitchen. The house has "ticked" nearly all the boxes regarding this. All the other rooms are of ample size, the en suite especially.

To paraphrase the old saying of "a house is not a home" we felt this house was a "home" immediately!

Mr & Mrs Smith, Abbey Fields

We've been in our new home for six months now and we just love it.

James and Emily